Mission & Vision


The Wyoming Society of Radiologic Technologists exists as the professional organization of radiologic technologists in the state of Wyoming. We strive to elevate the status of our profession by providing educational opportunities for our members as well as non-members, advocacy for our membership as well as our profession, and promotion of quality in the science and practice of radiologic technology.



The Wyoming Society of Radiologic Technologists (WSRT) is the member society for all radiologic technology professionals in the state of Wyoming. The WSRT is an affiliate of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists and as such we exist to continually elevate the status of our profession within the guidelines of their doctrines.

We will provide educational opportunities to all registered technologists by conducting educational conferences as well as other services as requested and approved by our membership. We strive to be responsive to the professional needs of our members and will maintain effective communication with our members to meet those needs.

We recognize the radiologic technologist’s role in providing quality health care and that they are an essential component of a continuously evolving system of health care.

We are committed to ensuring that professional standards of quality are maintained and continually improved for the field of radiologic technology. Therefore, we are also committed to maintaining the integrity of this profession and its ethical standards as well. We will not sacrifice those values.


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