Continuing Education Committee

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The Continuing Educating Committee is responsible for locating speakers and credentialing them through the ASRT for the Annual Conference, as well as moderating educational presentations and collecting evaluations. The Annual Conference chairperson should not be concerned with these responsibilities; therefore the chairperson of this committee must work closely with the Annual Conference chairperson at his or her direction to ensure that the objectives and theme of the Annual Conference are met.

This committee consists of the Chairperson (typically the President Elect, but may be appointed by the board) and any committee members appointed by the Chairperson.

The Chairperson will serve one year commencing the conclusion of the WSRT Annual Conference. Committee members aid the Chairperson in their duties.

The Continuing Education chairperson is responsible for working with the Annual Conference chairperson in organizing educational conferences. They are responsible for obtaining speakers for conferences and obtaining accreditation for those speakers through the ASRT and other accreditation organizations as necessary. They must determine costs for sponsoring speakers including lodging, travel, and honorariums, ensure that proper forms are available for each presentation for attendees to receive proper continuing education credit, ensure that each conference attendee has three-part continuing education tracking form for the conference, collect speaker evaluation forms at the end of each presentation and prepare synoptic speaker evaluation report for the ASRT, ensure that each speaker has the proper audio-visual equipment available for his or her presentation. They must also stay within the conference budget.

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