WSRT home page screen shot

The WSRT website got a makeover and we hope you enjoy the new look! When I (Carolyn) took over the cathode position my main goal was to reduce operating costs by moving the Cathode to an electronic e-newsletter. Every issue costs the organization almost $200 to print and mail! If half the members opt for an electronic version of the cathode we would save $400 a year. How many of you read the cathode that comes in the mail? And if you do, how long do you keep it before you throw it away? Did you notice the word search 2 issues ago and the coloring page in this one? That was my way of attempting to give the cathode a duel purpose so it didn’t just get read and tossed.

After getting my first cathode issue in the mail I started brainstorming ways to bring members together and boost the number of active members. Part of this starts with the website. The past website was great and served it’s purpose, but an updated website will give the WSRT a chance to engage its members in an easy and modern way. With Mike Lewis’ blessing, the website has been “remodeled”.

Some of the goals I have for WSRT’s online presence is to keep an active website where members can go to find out what’s happening in our profession across the state. This can’t happen without active members! You don’t have to be a board member to be an active member of the WSRT. We need members from all over the state to communicate and bridge the divide so we can have an active organization.

The new WSRT website makes it incredibly easy for anyone to participate. You will receive your own wordpress log-in so you can write posts without messing anything up on the website. If you don’t want to log-in we will have a submission form to submit content that we can then add to the website or cathode.

Ways to participate with the new website:

•Student updates– we would love some blog posts from current students
•Submit current job openings in your area
•Write a blog post – this can be anything from educational to fun
•Submit any news or announcements you’d like to get out to other members
•We would love to know about anything happening in your facility that you’d like to share
•Suggestions for new website features or ideas to keep you active!

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