Nominations close on April 30th, Ballets will be sent via email in July 1st

Here are some responsibilities of each board member, they are as follows, but not limited too;

President Elect
*Observe the activities of the President
*Credentials Committee Chairperson

Vice President
*Observe the activities of the President
*Nominating Committee Chairperson
*Prepares ballots


*Maintain permanent record of WSRT finances
*Receive and disperse funds/Collect and deposit dues
*Assist with working registration desk at the Annual Conference


Here are the current nominations for the 2023/24 election:

President Elect-Abigail Soddy

Vice President-Crystal Rodaboaugh


Abigail Soddy
Alex Edwards

Treasurer- Brittani Buckner

Brittani is a 2014 graduate of the Laramie County Community College Radiography program. Right after graduation she started working in Gillette, Wyoming at Campbell County Memorial Hospital where she is currently working overnights as a CT/Xray Technologist. She will be taking her CT registry soon to become certified in Computed Tomography. 

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