Nominations close on April 30th, Ballets will be sent via email on July 1st

Here are some responsibilities of each board member, they are as follows, but not limited too;

President Elect
*Observe the activities of the President
*Credentials Committee Chairperson

Vice President
*Observe the activities of the President
*Nominating Committee Chairperson
*Prepares ballots


*Assist with working registration desk at the Annual Conference
*Membership updates & renewals
*Receiving & distributing minutes/reports to WSRT Board, officers, & committees at meetings


*Gives an up to date financial report at all meetings maintains  *Ensures compliance with the IRS
*Obtains conference fees and membership dues
*Partakes in informal financial audits 

Here are the current nominations for the 2024/25 election:

President Elect-Crystal Rodabaugh, Jeff Tammen

Vice President-Cecelia Gonzales, Victoria Holmquist, Jade Maya, Jeff Tammen

Treasurer- Brittani Buckner

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