We are happy to announce the 2017 nominations!

President -Kayci Robinson
President Elect -Danielle Opp
Vice President -Pam Keyser & Kacee Hansen
Secretary -Laurel Zeiler and Courtney Keahey

Nominations closed on April 30th.

Here are some responsibilities of each board member, they are as follows, but not limited too;

*Preside over all Board meetings and the General Business Meeting at the Annual Conference.
*Appoint the committee chairpersons
*Attend the annual ASRT House of Delegates
*Prepare articles for the Cowboy Cathode

President Elect
*Observe the activities of the President
*Credentials Committee Chairperson

Vice President
*Observe the activities of the President
*Nominating Committee Chairperson
*Prepares ballots

*Two-year position
*Responsible for recording the minutes of all WSRT meetings
*Responsible for mailing membership renewal notices
*Committee’s-Credentials and Finance Committee

*Two-year position
*Must be bonded
*Registration Agent of the WSRT
*Responsible for receiving and dispersing funds
*Assists with working the registration desk at the Annual Conference
*Collects board mail

Nominee Biographies

Kacee Hansen -VP Nominee

Kacee Hansen is a 2016 graduate of the Laramie County Community College Radiography Program. She received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming and works at Cheyenne Radiology Group. She is currently the Vice President of Rotaract, a young professional’s community service club, and would be honored to serve as the Vice President of the WSRT to represent this great state and all of the techs who work in it.

Kayci Robinson - President Nominee

Kayci graduated from LCCC in 2015 and continued on to become certified in CT. She also holds a B.S. In Physiology from the University of Wyoming. Kayci is currently employed as a CT technologist at Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette, WY. As a student, she attended the ASRT Student Leadership Development Program where she gained extra knowledge and skills that have helped her as a WSRT board member.
Kayci served a 1 year term as Secretary for the WSRT, and is now serving as President Elect. Her goals include boosting active membership and establishing online CEs.

Courtney Keahey- Secretary Nominee

Courtney is currently a second-year radiography student at LCCC and she holds a Bachelor’s degree from UW in International Studies. She brings experience in customer service, insurance, and non-profit organizations to the WSRT. Courtney stepped into the Secretary role when Kayci accepted the President Elect position, and she will finish off the final year of her term.
Courtney lives in Laramie with her husband, daughter, three dogs and a cat.

Danielle Opp - President Elect Nominee

Danielle is a 2013 graduate of the LCCC radiography class. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from Ottawa University and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree for Education in Higher Learning from Ashford University. Danielle works as a mammographer at Cheyenne Radiology and is planning on taking her CT registry in May. Danielle has served as Secretary and Vice President of the WSRT.


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