Here are the current nominations for the 2021 elections:

President Elect – Caitlin Parks, Parid Shkoza
Vice President – Megan Peterson
Secretary – Megan Peterson, Chenoa Shkoza

Nominations close on April 30, Ballets will go out in July. 


Here are some responsibilities of each board member, they are as follows, but not limited too;

President Elect
*Observe the activities of the President
*Credentials Committee Chairperson

Vice President
*Observe the activities of the President
*Nominating Committee Chairperson
*Prepares ballots


*Keep detailed minutes of all meetings
*Conducts correspondence
*Serves on the Credentials Committee


Nominee Biographies


Caitlin Parks- President Elect

Caitlin is a technologist at Ivinson Memorial Hospital in Laramie. She enjoys living in Laramie with her husband and three fur babies.  She currently serves as the secretary of the WSRT. During her short time on the board she has enjoyed gaining knowledge within her profession and having fun doing it. She has gained great mentors and met great friends through the WSRT so far and is excited for her future in the WSRT!

Megan Peterson- Vice President, Secretary

Chenoa Shkoza- Secretary

Chenoa is a second year student in the LCCC Radiogrphy program in Cheyenne. She is born and raised in Cheyenne, living with her husband, and enjoyes just about anything outdoors. She currently serves as the Cathode Editor of the WSRT and was just confirmed to serve another year in this position. While serving on the WSRT board Chenoa has gained many new mentors, and knowledge about the inner workings of our society at a state and national level. 

Parid Shkoza- President Elect

Parid is a technologist employed at Wyoming Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Cheyenne. He moved to Cheyenne from Albania six years ago and has integrated himself into as much community work as he can. In 2018 Parid served as Vice President of the WSRT board. He has enjoyed serving on the board in the past, and all of the friendships and experience that has come with it. Parid looks forward to his future in our profession and with the WSRT.

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