Crystal Smith is the Lead Career Education Specialist at LCCC and recently helped the 2nd year radiology students by critiquing resumes and doing mock interviews. She is now our first guest blogger at WSRT and is here to share some handouts and information to help our members who may job searching. 

Preparation is the Key to a Successful Job Search

Remember the adage “looking for a job is a full-time job”?  Well this definitely rings true in today’s ever-changing, competitive job market. The most common feedback we hear from employers is that students aren’t prepared to effectively market their skills.  So what is a college student to do when they also have another important “full-time job” – their academics? Not to mention extracurricular activities and other responsibilities.  Well there is help! While at LCCC you can take advantage of the many services available through the Career Center in order to successfully navigate both responsibilities and prepare for your future.

A great way to prepare is to use your clinical rotations as a way to connect with people in your field. It is important to not only go above and beyond in this work environment, but take advantage of your interactions with professionals in your field as a way to engage in networking conversations. Conducting Informational Interviews with individuals allows you to have conversations about the work environment and increases your chances of job referrals in the future. To learn more about the Informational Interview process check out our handout.

In addition to maximizing your clinical experiences, it is important that your application materials are customized to each position you apply to and the career field in general. The LCCC Career Center has some great resources for you to get started with this process. We are also available to critique your resume and cover letter, as well as help you prepare for that big interview. To learn more about career-planning services, resources, and events, students and alumni should visit our website, LCCC Career Center

We also encourage you to get connected with the Career Center in order to help prepare for their future and navigate both “full-time jobs” successfully!

Crystal Smith, Lead Career Education Specialist

LCCC Career Center

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