Finance Committee

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The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the WSRT annual budget and conducting an audit of the WSRT finances every two years.

This committee consists of the Chairperson (appointed by the President and is typically the Treasurer) and 3 other committee members as appointed by the Chairperson.

The Chairperson will serve one year commencing the conclusion of the WSRT Annual Conference. Even though the Treasurer serves a term of two years as an officer and Board member of the WSRT, the chairperson of the Finance Committee shall serve a term of one year commencing at the conclusion of the WSRT Annual Business Meeting. Each incoming President of the WSRT shall appoint his or her own chairperson for this committee, whether or not it’s the current Treasurer.

The Secretary shall be included in matters pertaining to the Finance Committee. The committee will meet the objectives defined by the President for the year and communicate with the President on all activities of the committee throughout the year, prepare the budget for the coming year, ensure that all committees are staying within their budgets, anticipate WSRT spending requirements for the future, and ensure that an audit is conducted every two years. This may be an informal audit conducted by the chairperson, one other Board member, and a third impartial individual.

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