Publications Committee

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The Publications Committee is responsible for preparing the WSRT newsletter – the Cowboy Cathode and for maintaining the WSRT web site on the Internet.

This committee consists of the Editor (appointed by the President) and committee members as appointed by the Chairperson

The Editor is a non-voting board member and shall be allowed to serve an unlimited term until either resignation, a new appointment of another individual by the President with approval of the Board of Directors, or at the specific request of the WSRT Board of Directors.

Committee members report directly to the Editor and aid in duties and responsibilities of the Editor. Editor shall be the creator of the Cowboy Cathode and Administrator of the WSRT website. If the Editor does not have the resources to administer the WSRT web site, the Board of Directors may appoint another individual to fulfill this responsibility. The Cowboy Cathode will be provided to every member in good standing whose dues are not in arrears.

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