Ways and Means Committee

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The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for conducting moneymaking activities for the WSRT. This includes obtaining door prizes and raffle items for the WSRT Annual Conference, sponsors for the Conference and should include at least one other activity to raise money during the year.

This committee consists of the Chairperson (appointed by the President) and 3 committee members as appointed by the Chairperson

The Chairperson will serve one year commencing the conclusion of the WSRT Annual Conference.

Committee members report directly to the Chairperson and aid in duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson. Members shall work closely with the Conference chairperson and the Treasurer to ensure a ways and means project is implemented for the year as well as the Annual Conference and that they stay in budget doing it, organize the raffle for the Annual Conference including obtaining raffle prizes, prepare an article for the Cowboy Cathode to promote any ways and means projects that are being done at the seminar or conference, and collect door prizes for the Annual Conference. Prizes should be donated to the WSRT and proper credit shall be given to those donating prizes by their name prominently displayed with the prize as well as a formal thank-you sent to them following the conference

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